​We’re the place to come to if you want to try out a new sport – Combat Archery. We combine aspects of dodgeball, laser tag, and archery into one unusual sport appropriate for people of (almost) all ages.



The standard rates for a 1.5 hour rental is $20/player. With groups of 8+ players the rate is $18/player. Contact us for more details such as location and dates. (BowTagger is able to set up rentals across Windsor Essex County).


BowTagger started off as a Summer Company business in the Summer of 2019, and continues to run as a local combat archery rental business. Based in Kingsville, Ontario, BowTagger is extremely flexible in terms of location. We can set up almost anywhere – soccer fields, gyms, yards, beaches, and even some ponds! 

Combat Archery is a sport combining aspects of dodgeball and archery. Each player is equipped with paintball mask and a bow with a draw weight of 25-lbs. Each arrow is equipped with EVA foam positioned at the head in order to soften the impact. Several inflatable bunkers are set up around the field that players can utilize for cover from oncoming arrows. Players can test their archery skills through a variety of games, such as Team Death Match or All-Against-All.


Jacob (18) says:

Like NOTHING I’ve ever tried before! Growing up playing nerf and airsoft, this excited me when I first heard of it. After playing it made me feel young but not limited by the restrictions. The equipment was in great shape and didn’t feel cheap while being run professionally the whole time. I was able to have fun and freedom with my friends while trying out different versions of the games. Would definitely recommend it for an afternoon of activities. Very reasonably priced!

Rental Information


Masks, bows, arrows, and armguards

Inflatable bunkers to be set around the field

1.5 hours (15 minute training on proper technique)

Players must be aged 10+

Each player must sign a waiver